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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

Albert Einstein

"Each child is unique"

Everyone can sometimes be temporarily out of balance, including children. This can affect the child and his environment (home and school). An understanding and loving support can make all the difference.


My name is Nofar and I am a psychologist and child coach. I guide children and their parents in daily obstacles, social and cognitive difficulties and in relocation.
Read more about my vision and offer in the field of therapy and coaching for children from 4 to 18 years.

If you have any questions about my offer, please don't hesitate to contact me!




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Low self-confidence and ADD

  “Nofar was very sensitive, thoughtful, positive and goal-oriented with her work with our daughter. Lize was looking forward to the sessions together with Nofar. We have learned to work with Lize in a broader and more nuanced way, and how she can listen to us better. Lize has become happier and self-insured and believes in herself. Nofar always came with a smile and worked  with a lot of patience with Lize.”

Liz, 15 years old

Sleep and behavior problem

“Sam is an agile and energetic child. He often came back from school saying that he disturbs the group and sometimes beats others. Even at home he hardly listened to us and had problems sleeping in his room. Nofar came into our lives like an angel – Sam became calmer within a few sessions, listened well in class and at home, among other things by giving the parents simple tools. Sam now sleeps in his crib all night long. We and Sam are grateful to Nofar and her wonderful work with us.”

Sam, 4 years old


“Tom is afraid of animals, especially dogs. He reacts extremely and it disturbs and influences his daily behavior. A few sessions with Nofar taught Tom to look at animals differently and to control his behavior. Nofar has worked patiently at Tom's pace full of games, jokes and fun. Tom is already over his fear and still wants to go to Nofar. Thank you for the good and professional care.”

Tom, 9 years old


“ From the first moment that Nofar came to our home, it felt very nice and relaxed. She was there for all of us in peace and listened to everyone's story and emotions. As a family, we have learned to express our emotions and talk about them with each other. We now do that every week in a nice way. In the past, this often led to quarrels. Nofar brought understanding and structure to our family and we are very grateful to her for that. It has positively changed our family. We now also do more fun things together.”

Pauline, 7 years old

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