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Therapy & coaching 

Child coaching and therapy

Your child happiness has an impact on him, yourself and your family and it hurts you to see your child feeling lost and that you cannot help him/her. Meanwhile, your child is increasingly angry, frustrated or sad.

As a psychologist and coach, I first study the request for help, the sources, the wishes and goals and together we will build a trajectory to guide your child and the family in this. By actively listening and empathizing with the situation, concrete steps can often be taken in a relatively short time. This allows the child (and/or the parents) to continue on their own.

Together we will break the circle of behavior! A helping hand can make a big difference.

In the coaching process I use different methodologies, including focusing and sensing, breathing therapy, mindfulness and more. I also use different types of material such as playmobile, hand puppets and game forms. I choose the most appropriate way to reach your child at a time.

As a therapist I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which involves changes in mindset and behavior.

In short, whether it is a psychological therapy or a coaching process, I am happy to help you find the balance again!

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Parental guidance

Many parents can feel helpless in everyday situations with their children. For example, setting boundaries, coping with emotional or cognitive change and their influence on their behavior, power struggles and much more.

Parental guidance is a therapeutic counseling tool that allows parents to discuss the issues they or their children face and develop practical skills to help them improve their role as parents and the many challenges of parenting.


When a child begins therapy, it is usually highly recommended to have a parent guidance meeting once a month. In addition, it is also optional to have a weekly parent guidance sessions without the child being involved.

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Relocation guidance

You decided to move to or from The Nederlands for work promotion or any other reason. The whole family is thrilled but have mixed feelings: How will it be for me? how will the children acclimate at school? How will it be to live far from our friends and family? Will we all find our comfortable spot? 

There are so many changes and challenges you will have along the way getting used to the new culture and language. Changes in behavior, over sensitive reactions and lack of communication can all be signs of your child struggling in this new situation.

There is no denying that expatriate children have certain valuable opportunities, but being put into a new environment can also be overwhelming for them. As parents going through a challenging phase yourself, we might not be able to give our precious ones the support they need at that point.

For me, as a dual international child moving from and to The Nederlands and repeating it as a grown woman with my own family, I can empathize and truly understand the meaning and impact of such an overwhelming step on both children and parents.
Professional guidance and support might make all the difference, so feel free to contact me. 

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