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Prices sessions 2022

Child & Parents SESSION


Fee € 121, - per session 

Duration 50 min.


Intake interview € 176 per session 

Duration 75 min.


Introductory meeting (up to 20 min) is free of charge.




Relocation SESSION


Rate € 145 per session 

Duration 50 min.



Intake interview € 194 per session 

Duration 75 min.


Introductory meeting (up to 20 min) is free of charge.



* The costs of the preparation, use of materials and training are included.

Payment is made via a digital invoice, which is sent by email after each session. The invoice must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

You can change or cancel an appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the appointment. For cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the appointment, full costs will be charged.

More information can be found in the General Terms and Conditions .



The options for reimbursement of child therapy and counseling are not covered by primary medical expenses and are unfortunately still limited.  Sometimes they are fully or partially reimbursed from an 'alternative care' package. Fortunately, there are more and more insurance companies that recognize the results of effective therapy trajectories and reimburse them in additional insurance packages.

Sometimes insurers reimburse on the basis of an individual leniency scheme. With a basic insurance, a 'leniency' can be submitted. Reimbursements then fall under 'short-term psychosocial help or alternative medicine'.

If necessary, ask your health insurer about all the options and ask for advice and tips for reimbursement in a different way.



I advise you to inquire with your health insurer about the conditions for reimbursements for psychological/coaching help. You are often asked for registrations and AGB codes. These are as follows:


- Psychologist

- Registered NIP

- Member of the professional association Adiona, membership number 973
- AGB code 90109936 as therapists and Complementary and Additional care (care provider) and 90068878 (practice).


Tax authorities

You can sometimes deduct the costs of the sessions as medical expenses from your tax return (psycho-social assistance/guidance). Look at this  or with a personal tax advisor.  



I have had a contract with the municipality of Amstelveen-Alsmeer since 2021. This means that reimbursement of the youth care provided by me may be possible.

Child or parental therapy can be paid for from the personal budget (PGB).

A PGB is an amount of money with which you can purchase care and guidance yourself. You choose care providers yourself, who will work on your behalf. You make agreements with them about what needs to be done, about the days and hours on which they work for you and about the compensation you pay for this from the PGB. In this way, child therapy can also be paid for from the PGB. 
You can inquire about this at the care counter of the municipality or look at