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How does a process work?

Introduction meeting

You would like some help for your child and for yourself and you are considering seeking advice. Let me know that you are interested and I would like to invite you for a free introduction meeting call of about 15 minutes.


If you decide to start a process together, I will send you an intake form. I would like to get this form returned. so I can prepare our next meeting.

During the intake interview we will go through the form and we will jointly clarify the request for help as well as your objective and expectations of the coaching process. This conversation is not only very informative for me, often after this conversation you can immediately start with some insights or tips you have received!


During the intake interview, we look for a fixed day and time in the week when I will see your child once for a few weeks in a row during a 50-minute session in my practice or outside. Parents are not present at those sessions, but if your child likes that a parent stays for the first time, that is of course no problem.

The first sessions revolve around building a relationship of trust. Only when your child feels safe with me and can be completely himself will he be able to open and express himself. After a number of sessions another conversation follows with both parents, during which I share my observations and we discuss together if and how we proceed.

I work solution-oriented together with your child. We do not emphasize the problem, but rather what the child can and wants to do. Every person has qualities and talents and in the coaching process the child is stimulated to look for his or her strengths. We do this in a playful way that is appropriate for the child (for example by drawing, dancing, playing or other ways that the child feels comfortable with). Your child is leading this.

By discovering, recognizing and then actively using qualities, self-awareness and self-confidence will grow considerably.

Your child will be happier!

Evaluation, completion and final interview

When you or your child feels that they have received sufficient guidance to continue, we complete the process. Often a child can continue independently after 6-10 sessions. Sometimes it is more, but often much less! After the last session there is a final discussion with the parents and the child to finalize the process and give more tips.

Parental guidance can be a short process of a few meeting in which you'll get the tolls you need for a better family communication.

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